Registration Information

All individuals interested in participating in the March 2016 IEEE 802 Plenary Session are required to register online.

Registration Website:

Please ensure to refer to the schedule and deadlines below. All amounts are quoted in US dollars.

Sands Venetian Macao Hotel Attendees’

Attendees who will be staying at the meeting venue, Sands Venetian Macao Hotel, a minimum of 3 nights during the dates of the IEEE 802 block  are eligible for the discounted registration fee:

Other Hotel Attendees’

Attendees who will not be staying at the meeting venue, Sands Venetian Macao Hotel, at least 3 nights during the dates of the IEEE 802 block are eligible for the registration fee: 

Student Attendees’ fee applies only to full-time college students at the bachelor or post- graduate level.

  • Registration $US 150.00
  • The Student meeting fee is available only one time per person.
  • The attendee using the Student meeting fee will not be able to use meeting attendance to gain or maintain voting rights.
  • A valid current student ID must be shown when picking up the meeting badge.

Group Hotel Registration Discount Policy

The combined hotel room stays of attendees are used to offset the cost of the meeting space. For this reason, anyone who is not a registered guest at the Sands Venetian Macao Hotel for three (3) or more nights during the IEEE 802 group block is not eligible for the registration discount $US 450.00.

Please note: Attendees who elect to share accommodations must ensure that all members of the rooming party are listed on the hotel register before arrival or upon checking at the hotel so that the hotel can verify their hotel stay.

The correct registration fee must be paid prior to receiving your badge, which permits entrance to scheduled meetings.

What is included in the registration fee?

The registration fee covers:

  • Network/Internet services
  • AV equipment
  • Power hook-ups in the meeting rooms
  • Session identification badge, attendance tools
  • Breakfast (Monday – Friday)
  • Morning and afternoon refreshments
  • Lunch (Monday – Thursday)
  • Wednesday evening social
  • Meeting services and supplies

IEEE 802 Registration Policy

Any individual who attends any part of a meeting that is a scheduled part of an IEEE 802 Plenary Session must register for the full session and pay the required fees.

Session registrations are not transferable to another individual or to another plenary session. If you register for an IEEE 802 session and then are unable to attend, you must request cancellation of your registration before the cancellation deadline to be eligible for a refund of all or part of the fees paid.

If you are not able to register for the session via the web for technical reasons, you must notify the Meeting Planner prior to the cut-off date, to receive the corresponding registration fee. 

Cancellation Policy

All registration cancellation requests must be submitted to Face to Face Events, the Meeting Planners via email: or via our secure webiste.

Cancellation Refunds

  • FULL REFUND: Before 6:00 PM Pacific Time, 29 January 2016
  • $US 100 CANCELLATION FEE: After 6:00 PM Pacific Time, 29 January 2016 and Before 6:00 PM Pacific Time, 12 February 2016
  • NO REFUND: After 6:00 PM Pacific Time, 12 February 2016