University Outreach Program


  • Registration Fee: $US 25.00
  • Registration Limit: 30 Students and or Faculty (first come first serve)
  • Credentials Required: Valid student/faculty identification required
  • Registration Website: (Select Register for Session from the drop down menu located under Registration in the header bar.)
      1 Market Place
      San Diego, California, USA, 92101
      Tel: +1 619 232 1234*
  • Date:  Tuesday July 15, 2014
  • Start Time: 8:00 AM
  • End Time: 5:00 PM
  • MEETING PLACE - Please arrange to pick up your registration badge at the IEEE 802 Registration Desk in the Litrenta Foyer at the Manchester Grand Hyatt hotel. Plenary Session event staff will be able to provide you with the name of the meeting room  assigned to the University Outreach Program.

The objective of the IEEE 802 ® university outreach program is to expose both students and faculty members, of universities local to IEEE 802 plenary meetings, to the IEEE 802 standards process so that they may:

[1]  Increase their understanding of the importance that standards play within engineering technology.

[2]  Feel more comfortable participating in the standards process in future academic careers, or  as practicing engineers.

[3]  Participate in the IEEE Standards Education Committee programs such as applying for grants for Student Application Papers Applying Industry Standards.

[4] Cultivate an interest in including the role of standards in engineering in the academic curriculum.

The day will start with an orientation session of about one hour long. IEEE 802 University Outreach students and faculty attendees are then free to observe sessions in progress so long as there is adequate space in the room. A list of meetings recommended for observation by the Working Groups (a self guided tour) will be supplied. The day will end with a closing session to provide the opportunity for IEEE 802 University Outreach participants to ask questions about what they have observed.